Chanel cake pops

Chanel cake pops

How To Make Chanel Handbag Cake Pops

chanel cake pops
chanel cake pops

Ladies love purses – it’s a reality. And if it’s a Chanel purse cake it’s even bigger.

It’s a fantasy for some to possess an uncommon satchel one day, a Chanel handbag cake and they would fret to spend actually a touch of money on it. This one satchel they generally needed, an ageless piece that satisfies them.

Yet, for what reason do ladies love handbags to such an extent?

I need to concede, I am not that wild about them (despite everything like some of them, however), yet who knows, I’d never state never. Here are purses cakes – this I will definitely say Yes!

The most evident contention for such a purse is the plan. It doesn’t make a difference if a great many other ladies own it as well, it’s a riddle to me, yet amusing to watch.

chanel cake pops
chanel cake pops

I made this purse cake flies for a companion of mine who adores handbags, much the same as a large number of other ladies out there 🙂

What’s more, today I will tell you the best way to make them – so you can shock your companion with a handbag – or bring to a woman night, birthday, and so forth.

How about we go:

Purse cake tutorial

  • Planning Time 20 minutes
  • Baking Time 10 minutes in freezer / 30min in refrigerator
  • Difficulty Easy
  • Servings approx. 36 Cake Pops á 19g

Look at this video with a colorful filling cake pops.

How to make a handbag cake pops:

  1. Use your favorite recipe or use a ready-made mix
  2. Candy Melts of your choice (white, earthy colored, dark or pink, and so forth.)
  3. candy sticks
  4. vegetable oil (to disperse sweets softens)
  5. Star sprinkles and so on for minimal nitty-gritty plans
  6. toothpicks
  7. tweezers

Extra Items you might need to get:

Candy plastic spreads, to part with

strip for tying, to part with


Set yourself up before you really start.

how to make a chanel purse cake
how to make a chanel purse cake

Get everything out on the counter you need, so you don’t pressure yourself in the embellishing procedure.

1. After your readied your cake pop blend, make a wide range of shapes you want for your handbags. Oval, round, and so forth. It would be ideal if you put them in the refrigerator for in any event 20 minutes to solidify.

2. Dissolve your treats melts of your decision, and plunge your prepared moved cake pops (and candy sticks are embedded) in your sweets melts and let them dry in a styrofoam square.

how to make a purse cake
how to make a purse cake

3. The base is prepared. After the cake pops are dry, you can begin by adding the subtleties to your satchels.

You can plunge them some other time, yet just the sides, both ways. Let dry once more.

purse cake tutorials
purse cake tutorials

For the handles, I utilized a toothpick and dispersed my treats softens somewhat more by adding progressively vegetable oil to it. With a toothpick, “paint/draw” the dark lines with your dark treats liquefies on the cake fly to mirror the handle and different subtleties like you see on the photographs.

4. For the sewing look, I utilized a toothpick and pricked in little openings in the cake pops. Perceive how frequently I use toothpicks? They are incredible for such a significant number of things.

cake brand purse

5. For an intense completion, you can include sprinkles, and so forth for a “logo” on the handbag, or include the celebrated Chanel logo the front of your tote. (Once more, I utilized toothpicks to paint the two C’s)

What’s more, you are finished.

chanel cake pops
Chanel cake pops

In a blessing box, they look extra cute. I brightened the clear box with pink washi tape.

Now, look at these magnificent coco Chanel cake pops. Have a ton of fun creating those 🙂


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