Lightning mcqueen bday cakes

Lightning mcqueen bday cakes

Lightning Mcqueen birthday cake

The cartoon “Cars” has already conquered more than one thousand boys around the world with its plot, and today it is difficult to find a child who will not know who Mcqueen is. Such a theme, chosen as the basis for organizing a birthday party, is a win-win option, because fun contests on car themes, and even with the mention of favorite characters, can not fail to please children.

Preparing treats

lightning mcqueen cake
lightning Mcqueen cake

For the table of real racers, a fairly rich menu is prepared: hot dogs, pizza, skewers, French fries. Bagels in chocolate can symbolize car wheels, Apple slices, grapes and toothpicks will make small delicious cars. Themed cake-the main menu item, is made in the form of  Mcqueen or another favorite child character from the cartoon. Lightning Mcqueen bday cakes

Lightning Mcqueen cake ideas


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