Pirates cake ideas

Pirates cake ideas

Preparing for a pirate party

A children’s party in the style of a pirate party is a favorite theme among children and a common theme among boys.

If you are thinking about how to prepare a children’s birthday party in the style of pirates or are thinking about how to hold a pirate children’s party – you have come to the right place! This article contains a large selection of ideas for preparing for a children’s holiday in this topic.

Pirate costume and accessories

Children love to dress up and act as brave heroes. You can sew a pirate costume or buy a ready-made one. Or just add pirate accessories to your child’s image.

Discuss with the birthday boy the outfit for the party. Prepare the costume: striped t-shirt, black pants, vest, red long belt, eye patch, earring, red scarf, pistol, dagger, and telescope.

Older children can be offered to make a pirate Aqua make-up:


Guests can prepare “pirate” invitations together with their children. Use invitations from the “Pirate party” series. Or invent your own.

Treats for children’s holiday

Supporting the theme of the holiday, design a sweet table and snacks in the style of pirates. Here are some ideas that will help you decide how to make a children’s table for a pirate party. Cake in the form of a pirate ship or with figures of pirates, “cake POPs” or “cupcakes” with a pirate design.

pirate cakes
pirate cakes
pirate cakes decorations


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