Transformer cakes ideas

Transformer cakes ideas

Birthday in the style of transformers – this is an awesome cool theme for boys, little lovers of a movie or cartoon. You will learn how to organize a birthday party in the style of transformers, choose a script, games, costumes, design a room, a festive table and much more on this page-selection. Transformers cakes ideas


There are no basic colors for a birthday in the style of transformers. You can use colors at your own discretion or according to the colors of the main (favorite) characters. As a print, you can use car-carbon, because transformers are cars that transform into Autobots.

As a background, a blue (blue) abstract background is perfect. On the background, you can place other elements of jewelry, large figures of transformers characters. A poster with transformers characters is always relevant.


Transformers characters drawn or printed are perfect for decorating doors, walls, sweet table and, of course, for a thematic photo zone. For this birthday, gears are often used as decorations in the design. Additional decor can be foil balloons, balloon figures or pinata in the form of Transformers.


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